What is Black Magic

Black magic is use of supernatural powers or magic for evil and harmful purposes. The difference between white magic and black magic is the intention of doing it. When one does magic or give positive energy in form of blessings, that is white magic. When somebody wishes harm and perform magic or simply wishes harm for another person, that is black magic. Black magic is done by people who intentionally want to hurt someone. They wish bad for that person.

Black Magic – risk factors

The first and most important risk factor for getting black magic is weak planets in birth chart. When the moon in your birth chart is weakened by Rahu, Ketu or Saturn, the chances increase.Also, when you have a weak seventh house in the birth chart, the risk increases. These weak planets have to be fixed with prayers and rituals. Secondly persons with low self-esteem have higher chances. They usually have a guilt feeling and low morale. Even weak negative energies harm such people. Thirdly, persons with negative approach to life are easy victims. They are always afraid and get trapped easily.

Symptoms of Black Magic

Black Magic creates hurdles for you all sides. There are conflicts for no reason. Your good intentions are misinterpreted. You face problems in relationships. Your sleep gets disturbed. You feel that have lost all your energy. In serious conditions, you may dream of snakes, or may see a figure trying to choke you. These are the basic symptoms, but for a detailed list of Symptoms of Black Magic

How to cure Black Magic

Black Magic ruins all your life. But if there is a problem, there is a solution. Shakti has mastered the art of black magic removal. She has removed black magic in thousands of persons throughout the world. She uses intense prayers and ancient Indian rituals to remove it. Her years of meditation and prayers have given her power to help people. You can avail her services personally or online to remove black magic.

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